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Elements was established in 2011. Using the knowledge base, materials and technology of years in the field and solving issues associated with on site installation, Elements developed a revolutionary decorative product for outdoor hardscapes.

With numerous high profile projects including major theme parks and historical sites, this type of technology has been installed by Elements for years with great success. This thin Architectural Surface Paving System was created for the Pro-Contractor and the Do-It-Yourself consumer to allow for a Slim, Simple, and Strong alternative to natural stones, porcelains or clay products. This new product vastly improves the decades old installation process by making it faster, easier for both the professional contractor and is also Do-It-yourself friendly. Now this home improvement project delivers an amazing natural look with a realistic feel in no time.

Elements utilizes a patented manufacturing process, GFRPMC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Modified Concrete). This process incorporates the most current and technically advanced process for delivering optimal color, design, strength and durability GFRPMC also incorporates a proprietary mix-design that allows for high-strength and virtually no color-fade. Our products are perfect for patios, walkways and driveways and easily install over the existing substrate. Thin enough to install under weep screed and door jams.

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